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Imperfect Series

Each book in the Imperfect Series can be read as a stand alone and comes with a guaranteed HEA!

Coming soon – Book four in the Imperfect Series, Picture Imperfect!

You’ve heard this story a thousand times.
Boy meets girl.
Boy and girl have a fake relationship.
The reason isn’t important, it’s always the same. They need to appease their relatives, fool the media, or get revenge on someone.
Then they actually fall in love.

This is not one of those stories.

Available for pre-order now!






Other books in the Imperfect Series:

Book One: Imperfect Chemistry

Book Two: Imperfectly Criminal

Book Three: Practically Imperfect

On Amazon:

Book one Imperfect Chemistry

Book Two Imperfectly Criminal

Book Three Practically Imperfect

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Extraordinary Series! A three book series that MUST be read in order, but good news, book one is FREE! Links below!


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8 responses to “My Books

  1. Sue Palmer-dench

    I have just finished both of the books above – in 2 days! Hilarious, laugh out loud and nearly pee yourself. I LOVED Lucy and the counselling scene is brilliant. I enjoyed her development into a more empathetic character but still keeping all the foibles that make her so unique. And what can I say about Lucy,I think we could all do with a Lucy in our lives. I thought you dealt with a serious issue sensitively ,it should be required reading for teenagers. Congratulations on managing to balance that with a very funny story . I will miss them both.
    Thanks for the laughter
    Sue Palmer-Dench


  2. My Anh

    Dear Mary,
    I stumbled upon your book, Imperfect Chemistry, on Kindle simply because it was free and I needed something to read on a three hour flight.
    Thank you so much for your characters who made me have a fabulous time flying with a smile on my face.
    I’m thankful to have discovered your first book and instantly went to purchase the second because let’s face it,I freakin’ love Freya.
    Your characters are beautifully crafted, the story line flows smoothly and most of all the humor.
    That boring work trip turned out bearable because I had Lucy and Freya with me!
    Please keep on writing and I’m very much looking forward to your next masterpiece.
    Warm wishes 🙂


    • Thank you so much My Anh! I am so glad you found my book and it made your travels less tedious! ❤ ❤

      I am hard at work on my next book. Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping me a line, I really appreciate it!



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  4. Jane

    I loved your imperfect series. I read them all over 3 days! I don’t think I have laughed so hard when reading a book. I loved the scene at Freya’s mothers house. I fell in love with all of the London’s, especially Sam. Lucy is adorable and I loved her honesty, and I loved reading her fall in love. I can’t wait to read your next series.


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