Fox Family Series

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She’s determined to keep her family home. He won’t let his friend down. Will conflicting interests shatter their chances of happily ever after?

Finley Fox refuses to give up her life’s work. With her family’s cabin rental business at risk of going under, the eldest of five has been laboring for years to care for the property, not to mention her now grown siblings. But when a New York billionaire makes a play for the ailing resort, Finley struggles to resist her attraction to the handsome man sent to secure the deal.

Archer Weston craves stability. With his best buddy since childhood in need of a favor, the lonely businessman heads to the mountains to convince the owner to sell. But his mission hits a hurdle when his heart melts in the presence of the hardworking, beautiful woman.

With debt and sibling drama piling high, Finley fears that leaning on her irresistible guest for support could end in her own heartbreak. But as their relationship grows and intensifies, Archer is caught between his long-term loyalty and his one shot at finding his forever…

Can this unexpected couple keep both their dreams alive?

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The Fox Family Series will follow all of the Fox siblings as they navigate the aftermath of loss, and find love and happily ever after. Each book will be a full length novel that can be read as a stand alone.

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She made a deal with the devil and he’s determined to collect. But when passionate sparks fly, all bets are off.

Piper Fox hates clocks. With her confidence shattered by a bad break-up, the creative welder can’t stand another minute of her debilitating artist’s block. So with time running out on her deadline, she tests a wild theory that the best way to get over a jerk is to get it on rebound-style with crazy-rich and broodingly handsome Oliver Nichols.

Oliver Nichols curates a cool facade. So when sparks fly with the stunning artist he has under contract, the eccentric billionaire does his best to stifle his reactions. And though he’s convinced love isn’t in the cards for him, ever, the lonely philanthropist can’t stay away.

Not sure how to make the next move after chickening out once before, Piper struggles to ignore her stalkery ex and keep her nose to the grindstone. While Oliver fools himself that keeping a close eye on the vulnerable metalworker is just a matter of good business, only to discover she’s somehow snared his heart.

Will the thrill of danger push them into a forever embrace?

Coming June 2nd, 2023!

Mindy and Luke’s book, available for pre-order now click here to order at your favorite retailer!

She’s sworn off dating musicians. She wasn’t expecting him to rock her world.

Mindy Fox is sick of drama. After being dumped by her rockstar boyfriend and losing her record label job in one scandalous swoop, the betrayed A&R talent seeker decides to strike out on her own. And when she hears an audio clip from a struggling songwriter, the former music mogul believes she’s found her first artist in the handsome crooner.

Luke Fletcher hides his paralyzing anxiety behind a charming exterior. But guilt is a constant companion when he conceals his crippling stage fright from the gorgeous entrepreneur who’s giving him a shot at making it big. And if that wasn’t distraction enough, the easy-going guitar player quickly realizes he’s got chart-topping chemistry with the dark-eyed beauty.

Pulled out of her workaholic world by the onslaught of intense family strife, Mindy struggles to stop a feud with her sister from poisoning the fledgling project. And while Luke comes clean about his hang-ups, he fears his attraction to the off-limits woman has become a forbidden refrain.

Can they recompose their future into a delightful duet?