Imperfect Series

Each book in the Imperfect Series can be read as a stand-alone and comes with a guaranteed HEA! Click the covers below to download at your favorite retailer.

Can science explain love? That’s what Lucy needs to find out — or she risks losing a hefty research grant and her position at the university. But as she’s drawn toward her magnetic neighbor Jensen, she wonders if some emotions aren’t meant to be analyzed…
All she wanted was a little revenge, what she got was a hunky hero in trouble. Time for the damsel to save the day in this sweet and sexy rom com.
She’s a cop on the run. He’s her long-time neighbor and all-around goofball. When someone tries to kill them both, they have to work together to survive. A laugh out loud romance! 
Two people in a pretend relationship . . . it always ends up the way you’d expect, right? Not this time. A different sort of romantic comedy.
A famous athlete with a secret health problem, a quirky girl with a ghost who needs his help. What could go wrong? 
What happens when you throw together an accident-prone food truck owner, a cranky celebrity chef, and one slice of real estate they both need? Find out in this laugh out loud rom com!