Castle Cove Mystery Series


Like your romance on the side with a healthy dose of mystery? Then check out this series!

**FORMERLY the Extraordinary Series! This series has been re-titled and is now the Castle Cove Mystery Series: a three book series that MUST be read in order and they DO CONTAIN CLIFFHANGERS!

If cliffhangers make you feel punchy, you can purchase the full series in one file here:

Castle Cove Mystery series COVER

When the local authorities ask Ruby Simpson to help them find a thief in the small town of Castle Cove, she doesn’t have much of a choice. She predicted the most recent theft, and the cops have no other leads.

There are just two small problems. One, she’s not psychic. Two, she’s not Ruby Simpson.

The Castle Cove Mystery Series is a three book series WITH CLIFFHANGERS and must be read in order! Click the covers below to check out each book at your favorite retailer!  🙂


Charlotte and her little sister Paige are on the run, hiding in the small town of Castle Cove when Charlotte is mistaken for Ruby Simpson, the psychic. She has to play along to avoid undue scrutiny from the local PD, but it’s too late, Deputy Jared already has his eye on her.
Things are heating up in Castle Cove, as Charlotte and Jared solve a mysterious local crime wave. As they get closer and closer, she wants to trust him, but she’s not the only person to consider–she has to protect her little sister Paige, too–and maybe even Jared himself from the looming threat of her parents.
In the final installment of the Castle Cove Mystery Series, the clock is ticking and Charlotte’s time posing as Ruby the psychic is running out. But Charlotte won’t stop until she finds a way to protect everyone. At any cost. Even if it means losing everything.

17 responses to “Castle Cove Mystery Series

  1. Sue Palmer-dench

    I have just finished both of the books above – in 2 days! Hilarious, laugh out loud and nearly pee yourself. I LOVED Lucy and the counselling scene is brilliant. I enjoyed her development into a more empathetic character but still keeping all the foibles that make her so unique. And what can I say about Lucy,I think we could all do with a Lucy in our lives. I thought you dealt with a serious issue sensitively ,it should be required reading for teenagers. Congratulations on managing to balance that with a very funny story . I will miss them both.
    Thanks for the laughter
    Sue Palmer-Dench


  2. My Anh

    Dear Mary,
    I stumbled upon your book, Imperfect Chemistry, on Kindle simply because it was free and I needed something to read on a three hour flight.
    Thank you so much for your characters who made me have a fabulous time flying with a smile on my face.
    I’m thankful to have discovered your first book and instantly went to purchase the second because let’s face it,I freakin’ love Freya.
    Your characters are beautifully crafted, the story line flows smoothly and most of all the humor.
    That boring work trip turned out bearable because I had Lucy and Freya with me!
    Please keep on writing and I’m very much looking forward to your next masterpiece.
    Warm wishes 🙂


    • Thank you so much My Anh! I am so glad you found my book and it made your travels less tedious! ❤ ❤

      I am hard at work on my next book. Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping me a line, I really appreciate it!



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  4. Jane

    I loved your imperfect series. I read them all over 3 days! I don’t think I have laughed so hard when reading a book. I loved the scene at Freya’s mothers house. I fell in love with all of the London’s, especially Sam. Lucy is adorable and I loved her honesty, and I loved reading her fall in love. I can’t wait to read your next series.


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  6. Sheima

    I just finished Picture Imperfect and I loved it ! I really enjoyed the story and the characters and how you write. There is always depth in every character you portray and I like the slow build up and how natural it is, plus the dialogues are funny. You’re doing a fantastic job and I can’t wait for Brent’s story (and any other story you write). I first thought maybe he and Scarlett will meet (I like her and her cupcakes, she seems to be a genuine, generous person) but then you had Bethany moved in… who is he going to be paired up with ? I’m really looking forward reading it. Oh and I love that in your books we see true female friendships and how they start. You, Penny Reid and Mariana Zapata are my favourite romance authors and your books are the only ones I read multiple times a year. Love you !


    • Sheima! I love you too! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am in very good company with Penny and Mariana! 😉 ❤ Brent and Scarlett will each get their own books–I am working on Brent's now (tentative release is November of this year) and then I will hopefully have Scarlett's out early next year. I really appreciate you stopping by my website and leaving me a note, totally made my day!! ❤


  7. Carrie Petty

    I listened to Imperfect Chemistry on Audible (it was part of the Romance package) and LOVED IT!! So much so that when I saw that Imperfect Criminal was not on Audible I purchased it on Kindle and read it in 2 days (which meant one very, very late night .. I couldn’t put it down!). I absolutely loved that book, even more than the first! I can’t wait to read more of your books. I’m so happy to find another author who truly knows how to write wonderful characters with real humor! I discovered Penni Reid earlier this year, and one of her books calls itself “A Smart Romance.” I think your Imperfect series can be called that as well. I can’t wait to read the 3rd book!


    • Carrie thank you so much for your kind words!! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the series so far! I hope you enjoy the rest as well 🙂 thank you for taking the time to leave me a message, I really appreciate it. ❤


  8. Sharon

    I read your Extraordinary series. A really fun summer read.


    • Sharon thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I had so much fun writing that series 😀 I appreciate you taking the time to reach out and let me know, it means a lot! ❤


  9. Taha

    Hello from India!! I just read Geektastic in one sitting after waiting months for it, and then waiting all day again because India is hours ahead of the US and it didn’t become available until late evening (not that I checked obsessively every 15 minutes or anything!) Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Thank you so much for writing this. Please tell me Beast gets a story??


    • Hello Taha! Thank you sooo much for reading and I’m so happy you enjoyed Jude and Annabel’s story! You just made my day 🙂 I do have a story for Beast lingering on the back burner of my mind. I am currently writing a book for Scarlett (Reese’s sister–she is a side character in the Imperfect series and pops up in Picture Imperfect) and it’s likely those two worlds will collide into a story for Beast. Thank you (again) so much for taking the time to reach out ❤ Mary


  10. Taha

    Thanks for actually replying! I can’t waiiitt!!! Wishing you all the inspiration in the world from the other side of the globe! You and Sally Thorne are the only authors I’ve wanted to read badly enough to pre-order and set calendar reminders on my phone for!


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