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I am so excited to announce that Imperfect Chemistry is now available as an audiobook!

And if you have Audible, you can download and listen for FREEEEEE:
On Amazon or:
On Audible.

You should also be able to download and listen from iTunes (I couldn’t find the link, it might not be there yet–but it will be within the next couple of days!).

The narrator is Rhiannon Angell, and I can’t even tell you how amazing she is. It was super trippy and surreal listening to someone else read (and basically act out) my book and, but she did such a wonderful job. I was literally laughing out loud during parts, which felt weird because I wrote it and read a bajillion times and is it conceited to laugh at my own stuff?? I dunno, but it was still fun 🙂

I also had the cover redone which was exciting and will make all the covers in the series a bit more matchy!




Anywho, feel free to share or download to listen! I will be getting freebies from ACX to share with bloggers who can listen and review, so if you are a blogger who wants to listen and review or know a blogger/reviewer who can listen and review please let me know!

Happy Wednesday 🙂


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150 FREE romance novels, plus a chance to win a Kindle Fire and Amazon gift cards?! Yes please!


Dudes, there’s an amazing promo happening RIGHT NOW over at the Self Publishing Roundtable. There are 150 romance novels in various genres that are currently FREEEEE. Peruse and download at will!!

Plus scroll to the bottom of the page to enter to win a Kindle Fire, plus a bunch of gift cards!! Make sure to keep an eye out for Imperfect Chemistry–incongruous as it is amongst all the covers with ripped abs and glistening pectorals. 😉

Here’s another link! : Click here for hours of pure reading enjoyment and free crap, man!

Happy Wednesday  ❤

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New Release Alert!

It’s finally here!

It took longer than I wanted, but Imperfect Book three, Practically Imperfect, hit shelves at about midnight last night.

I submitted it to Google Play, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble last night, so it should be up on those retailers soon if that’s where you get your read on.

Links below to other retailers if you are so inclined to read!

Happy Friday, everyone ❤

release day photo



Purchase on Amazon!

Purchase on iTunes!

Purchase on Smashwords!

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It’s coming!! Soonish…

Hey everyone! Sorry I stink at updating my blog. I’m the worst.

I have some exciting news, though! Book three in the Imperfect series will be coming (hopefully) in April of this year–or sooner depending on how long it takes my editors and myself to fix all the wonky bits.

This is Sam’s story (Sam being Lucy’s only single brother) and I really really really hope everyone enjoys it. It’s not New Adult like last two books–the main characters are in their late twenties early thirties, but there are lots of cameos with Freya and Lucy and the others 🙂

If you’re on my beta/advance copy list, hopefully I will be sending you the book by next month–again, depending on how fast the editors are, and also how fast I am.

If you want an advance e-copy, please shoot me an e-mail ( or comment here with your email address and which format you prefer and I will happily add you to my list!!

In other exciting news, I was invited by the wonderful Paige Tyler to be a part of a series of sorority themed novellas, along with the amazing Donna Michaels!  We each write our own story, but our main characters are friends and the stories will be connected. That should be coming out in September of this year, so stay tuned!



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Guest Post – Carol Rose – Smart Girls in Romance

Hey Everyone! Today, I would like to share with you a guest post from writer Carol Rose. Carol is the award winning author of twenty three books! Her book Always (cover below) was an RWA Golden Heart Finalist! 

ALWAYS 2 - 2500

She’s also super sweet 🙂 Today, we’re discussing smart girls in romance, a topic near and dear to my heart. Read on! 

Is there such a thing as a Smart Girls Romance Niche or is that insulting…? I love reading about highly-intelligent weirdo heroines, but I in no way intend to infer that other romance heroines are intellectually-deficient. The deal is that “smart girls” have often gotten a bum rap. We should be considered a down-trodden minority or something and I don’t say that to brag.

For forever, girls have been told that men don’t like women who are smarter than them, that they have fragile male egos and need to be assured of their brilliance all the friggen’ time. I respectfully disagree—and tell those who are of that position to get over it. The male ego of the average dude is a lot stronger than that.

The writers of smart girl romances have very effectively portrayed their heroines as flawed, as are we all. Their heroines are very, very good at certain things and struggle with other things. Pretty much like all of us. Some of these heroines struggle with healthy relationship choices and, come on, that’s pretty much like everyone. Right? No one has the relationship thing all figured out. Zero. None of us, no matter what the I.Q. score, which only tells part of the story anyway.

Love is massively complex and maintaining a strong, connected relationship is one of the hardest things to do in this world. I speak with some knowledge of this, since I’ve been (happily for the most part) married to one guy for so an embarrassing number of years. I also happen to have a Ph.D. in counseling and I get to hear a lot about the struggle of being connected to one person. I.Q. has nothing to do with this.

I find I like to read about the weirdos, the unusual and different. I like to enjoy romantic journeys with characters of all different perspectives. Some of them are even strangely-intelligent.

About Carol Rose:

Carol Rose is an award-winning author of contemporary romances. She has written twenty-three books, including Always and Forgotten Father. Her books have won numerous awards, including a final in the prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award.

Carol is an active member of the North Texas Romance Writers. A frequent speaker at writers’ groups and conferences, she has taught workshops on characterization and, creating and resolving conflict. She works full time as a therapist.

Her husband and she married when she was only nineteen and he was barely twenty-one, proving that early marriage can make it, but only if you’re really lucky and persistent. They went through college and grad school together. She not only loves him still, all these years later, she still likes him—which she says is sometimes harder. They have two funny, intelligent and highly accomplished daughters. Carol loves writing and hopes you enjoy reading her work. 

See her books on Amazon!

Follow her on Twitter!

Find her on Facebook!

I totally agree, smart girls rule and guys that are intimidated by that don’t deserve the girl! My favorite smart girl romances are pretty much anything by Penny Reid and A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare.

What are your favorites? Comment below! 

Happy Monday everyone! 

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So you wanna be a writer…

I received a message from one of my most favoritest peoples today that basically said, “Hey, I want to write a book, where do I start? You said to do an outline, do you have any tips or tricks?”

I began writing out an e-mail to my friend, but then I thought, I bet there’s more people who are just starting out and have no idea where to begin. Why not blog this? I never blog, it’s about damn time, right?

So if you’re out there, and you’re just starting out or don’t know where to begin, this is for you.

1) You don’t have to outline. Some writers successfully write a ton of books by pantsing it (writing by the seat of your pants). I outline because I wrote every day for six years and finished only 3 books, while I started about 20 that went nowhere. Eventually, I figured out that if I don’t have a plan in place for where the story is going to go, it’s going to either a) totally suck or b) I’m never going to finish it.

This is one of the hardest parts of learning to write: figuring out which method works best for YOU. Everyone is different. It can take a long time to figure out what works best, and you might find that what worked for one story, won’t work for another (ho hum).

2) Study story structure. You already have an innate sense of how a story should be laid out from watching movies and reading books, etc. Every story follows a formula, and to write a story that makes sense, it’s important to understand the formula. IF you want to break out of the formula, you should understand it first!  Story structure is one of the most important things to learn and one of the most complicated. I like,, and all have great articles, information about writing and craft.

Also, I did a whoooolle years worth of blog posts on story structure from beginning to end

Most of what I learned was from the websites above, plus I’ve gone to writing conferences, and I checked out and read almost every single book on writing from the library. Seriously. Some of them I read twice. My favorites were Beginnings, Middles, Ends by Nancy Kress, and pretty much anything by James Scott Bell.

There are sooo many things to think about when you’re writing a book. Plot arcs, character arcs, dialogue, theme, etc. You will find that you’ll have this great idea in your head, you can see it all so clearly, then you sit down to write it and what’s in your head doesn’t translate onto paper like you imagined.

3) When you first start drafting, try not to worry so much about all the pieces I just mentioned above (HAHA you like that? I’m feeling a little contradictory right now…LEARN story structure though, it’s important. Writing has two sides, the creative side and the analytical side. Drafting is for creativity, editing is your analytical part).

Remember that your rough draft is your creative flow. It’s supposed to be rough. There’s too many different things to think about, and you’ll get overwhelmed and want to give up (or drink). Anything you write during your first drafting phase can be changed and fixed, and it most likely will be. Just get the words on the page. My first drafts are still crap and I’ve been doing this for years. Books in progress are like babies. They look gross when they’re born, and they change drastically each month until they’re eventually cute.

4) Write every day. Even if it’s only a few words, or if you just need to jot down ideas. If you absolutely need a break from writing, read. Read a lot. Read what sells, read from new writers, read from accomplished writers, figure out what it is specifically you like about certain books and what you hate so you can strengthen your own writing.
5) Don’t give up. Like I said, it took me six years of writing crappy words to finally write something I didn’t want to use as toilet paper. Everyone learns differently and some learn faster than others (hopefully you are faster than me). There’s a common saying among writers that it takes a million words before you start writing anything of value. So if this is really your dream, don’t give up no matter how long it takes.
If you are a writer and you have any tips or advice, please share in the comments!!!

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New Adult Scavenger Hunt Now Closed–Winners announced!!

Hey everyone!

The NA Scavenger Hunt was super fun, and now it’s over (wah wah waaaah).

I have picked winners for my giveaway! You can see them in the rafflecopter link in the prior post, and I have posted them here as well! Congratulations everyone! I will be e-mailing you shortly to determine how you would like to receive your prize, so check your spam mail to make sure it doesn’t get lost 🙂

Winner Winner Chicken Dinners!:

Winners of the $10 Amazon Gift Cards:

Stacey B.

Katy M.

Kim S.

Nichole J.

Sean C.

Winner of the Imperfection Wall Art:

Tiffany J.

Woot woot!!!

Happy Monday 🙂

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