It’s coming!! Soonish…

Hey everyone! Sorry I stink at updating my blog. I’m the worst.

I have some exciting news, though! Book three in the Imperfect series will be coming (hopefully) in April of this year–or sooner depending on how long it takes my editors and myself to fix all the wonky bits.

This is Sam’s story (Sam being Lucy’s only single brother) and I really really really hope everyone enjoys it. It’s not New Adult like last two books–the main characters are in their late twenties early thirties, but there are lots of cameos with Freya and Lucy and the others 🙂

If you’re on my beta/advance copy list, hopefully I will be sending you the book by next month–again, depending on how fast the editors are, and also how fast I am.

If you want an advance e-copy, please shoot me an e-mail ( or comment here with your email address and which format you prefer and I will happily add you to my list!!

In other exciting news, I was invited by the wonderful Paige Tyler to be a part of a series of sorority themed novellas, along with the amazing Donna Michaels!  We each write our own story, but our main characters are friends and the stories will be connected. That should be coming out in September of this year, so stay tuned!



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12 responses to “It’s coming!! Soonish…

  1. YAY! I’m really excited about this! I was hoping Sam would get a book too 🙂

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  2. Yay, Marewolf! So proud of you!

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  3. bluecloverdust

    Can you add me? : ) kindle format


  4. frances

    Kindle please!! I am excited!! xxoo


  5. Sarah

    Please please please! I am so excited. kindle format.:-)


  6. Sara

    Hi Mary,
    Can you add me please ?
    Epub format please


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